What is a StrataMax Portal Account?

A StrataMax Portal Account is the method of logging into the StrataMax Portal. You can manage all of your properties from one account. To make it easier for you to remember your login details, StrataMax Portal Accounts are based on your email address.

How do I get a StrataMax Portal Account?

Provide an email address and click “Create an account” on the login screen. You can then request an email to be sent to that email address containing instructions to complete the account creation process. A valid email address is required to create your account. Once completed, you can log in using the email address entered for your StrataMax Portal Account.

Are my details kept private?

The MaxSoft Group is firmly committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with our content, products and services via the StrataMax™ website. View our Privacy Policy for full details.