Invoice Hub Approver Instructions

The Invoice Hub is not available by default and extra charges for this service may apply. Please contact your strata manager for more information.

The Invoice Hub facilitates the process of providing committee members with the ability to approve invoices waiting to be paid via the StrataMax Portal.

As an approver you will be able to view a scanned copy of the invoice, confirm the account code to be used for payment, raise a query with your strata manager to clarify further details or information, and approve the invoice for payment. 


Once your Strata Manager has uploaded invoices to the Invoice Hub for your approval, you will receive an email from (we recommend whitelisting this address so that it doesn't go to your spam/junk email) such as this:

By clicking the LOGIN button, your browser will open and present you with the StrataMax Portal login screen. If you have problems logging in due to a password issue, you can reset your password by following the steps in our Forgot Password article.

Upon logging in, the initial screen will appear. When you click the Invoice Hub tab, the below screen will appear. However, note that the screenshots in this article may be different (colours, logos, etc.)if your strata manager has customised your StrataMax Portal.


Invoices Awaiting Your Approval

This will list all properties that are linked to your StrataMax Portal Account where you are an approver of invoices. Clicking on the property will take you to the property's listing all invoices awaiting your approval. This will also list any invoices that are partially approved, i.e. invoices that have been approved for payment by some, but not all required approvers and/or invoices on which a query has been raised by one or more approver(s) along with brand new invoices just submitted.

Manager Information Window

This is a short summary with general information about the building/plan, including financial statements and details of your strata manager.

Once your strata manager has submitted invoices to the Invoice Hub, each committee member that has been selected to approve the invoice will receive an email notification. After logging in and selecting the ‘Approve’ icon, the invoices waiting to be approved will be displayed. The status of the invoices will be one of the following:

Awaiting Approval
Invoices that have not been approved by anyone, and awaiting your approval.

Part Approved
Invoices for which one or more approvers have approved the invoice, but require further approval to be deemed ‘OK to pay’.

On Hold
One or more approvers have raised a query on this invoice.


This is another shortcut to the ‘Approve Invoices’ list, in a diagram demonstrating the approval process.


Shows current outstanding invoices requiring your approval and invoices that you have approved but is still awaiting approval from other approvers.


This shows invoices that have completed the approval process, i.e. that have been approved for payment by the minimum required number of approvers. These will only be stored / evident for up to 12 months, as a means to confirm why you may have received an ‘approval required’ notification, but then found no invoices awaiting your approval. Once an invoice is entirely approved by the minimum number of approvers, this is the only place it will show.


Settings allows you to configure whether you receive email notifications for invoices awaiting approval

Approver for Multiple Buildings

If you are an approver that approves invoices for multiple buildings, you can access invoices for approval from the Home screen. Invoices will be listed by building. By clicking on the Building Name, you will access invoices ‘Awaiting Approval’ for that specific building. 

You can also move between buildings by clicking on the Change button at the top right of screen. 

Approve Tab

The Approve menu will take you to a list of invoice awaiting approval.

Icon Legend and Actions


 TICK – ‘Approve’ Invoice .

 QUERY – ‘Raise a Query about this Invoice’ OR on the left side indicates 'You have Raised a Query about this Invoice’.

 PDF – View ‘Invoice’ .

 MAGNIFYING GLASS – ‘View Invoice Details’ Creditor, Amount, Details, Account Code, Invoice No.

 ATTENTION – ‘Invoice awaiting your Approval’ or ‘Part Approved’

 QUERY/ATTENTION – ‘Manager has responded to a query you raised on this invoice’ 

 BLUE DOT – ‘View Details’ This icon is found in the ‘Summary’ tab and will change to Green once selected

How to Approve Invoices

  1. Select the Approve tab.
  2. Click  to view the invoice.
  3. Click  to view the invoice details.
    • Select the Line Items tab to view the Account Number for this invoice.
    • Select Notes to view any notes for this invoice.
  4. Click OK once you have viewed the invoice.
  5. To approve an invoice click .
  6. The invoice(s) you have selected will now be displayed under ‘Confirm changes to Invoices’. 
  7. Click Submit Changes to confirm status update.
  8. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to ‘Accept X change’ you have made, click Yes.

How to Query an Invoice

Once you have viewed the invoice and details you may have a query. To submit a query to your strata manager proceed as follows.

  1. Click .
  2. Add your query in the Query Reason box.
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. Any invoices that have been approved or queried will be displayed in the ‘Confirm Changes’ section.
  5. Click Submit Changes to confirm status update.
  6. Click Yes to ‘Accept all Changes’.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab lists all invoices that are awaiting approval and allows you to review the status of each invoice which is either ‘Awaiting Approval’, ‘Part Approved’ or ‘On Hold’.  You can also use the ‘Filter by Status’ function to limit your list to a particular status only.

  1. Select Summary tab.
  2. A summary of the invoices will be displayed.
  3. Click  to view the details on who has approved invoice or submitted a query.
  4. By selecting a ‘Part Approved’ invoice, the approver will be shown in ‘Approval Details’ at the bottom of the screen. By selecting an ‘On Hold’ invoice, the notes will be shown in ‘Notes’ at the bottom of the screen.

History Tab

Invoices that have been approved or finalised will be listed in the History tab to allow approvers to review any aspect of the invoice approval process. Note that you will only ever be able to view invoices that have been allocated to you as an approver. Click on  to review the details of the invoice, which committee members had approved the invoice, and any notes that were submitted. 

These will only be stored / evident for up to 12 months, as a means to confirm why you may have received an ‘approval required’ notification, but then found no invoices awaiting your approval. Once an invoice is entirely approved by the minimum number of approvers, this is the only place it will show.

Click  to view the invoice.

Click  to view the invoice details.

Settings Tab

This allows you to turn off your email notifications – this is only of benefit if you are logging in regularly, i.e. you will be checking these screens regardless of whether you receive an ‘approval required’ notification or not. We strongly recommend to always have the notifications on. If you wish to turn off the notifications then:

  1. Select the Settings tab. 
  2. Untick ‘Receive Email Notification’.
  3. Click on Save Settings.