Invoice Hub Troubleshooting

Approving Invoices

I have approved the invoices by clicking on the tick however I am receiving emails to remind me of invoices awaiting approval and when I log in invoices I have approved are still awaiting approval?

When ticking the invoices to approve they are then displayed on the same page in a section ‘Confirm Changes to Invoices’, from this section you must click on Submit Changes for the approvals to be sent.

Viewing Invoices

The invoice is not appearing when I click on the PDF icon? 

Refer to the below link for assistance with Popup Blockers. Please note the only browsers supported for the Invoice Hub or Owners Portal are Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

I cannot view the invoice when viewing invoices on the History tab?

Invoice details and invoice images are only available for up to 12 months for Invoice Approvers during that time. Contact your Strata Manager if you require a copy of older invoices.

I have logged on to approve invoices however I cannot see the expense account used?

Click on the magnifying glass symbol to display invoice details, you can then select the Line Items tab to view the expense account and the Notes tab to view any notes associated to the invoice.

I am an approver for more than one building and use the same login however cannot locate the invoices to approve?

When logged onto the Invoice Hub, at the top right of the screen is a drop down arrow next to the word ‘viewing’. Click on this and all property's your login has access to will be shown and available for selection.


I want to see who made the approval and the date that an invoice was approved for an invoice received earlier during the year. How can I complete this?

For approvers using the Invoice Hub and the history area, the below information is offered via Invoice Hub tab / History area. 

The Approver Details and Decision Date and include a Note to confirm when the payment was made.