Certificates & Disclosure Statements

This article covers how to request Certificate or Disclosure Statements through the StrataMax Portal.

This service is only available if a certificate has already been issued to you by the strata manager.

How it Works

After the initial certificate has been issued by the strata manager, any subsequent certificates or disclosure statements can be ordered online via the StrataMax Portal within 30 days of the original certificate date of issue. Payment via credit card may be required at the time of the request.

StrataMax manages the delivery of the certificate, and handles any enquires that relate to the non-delivery or unavailability of the certificate. For any other queries, please refer to your strata manager.

In order to use this service, an Access ID will be required. This Access ID should be in the cover letter, which was included with the initial certificate supplied by the strata manager.

Obtaining an Online Certificate

  1. Open the Online Certificates page: https://www.stratamax.com.au/Portal/general/services/OnlineCertificates.aspx
  2. Enter the Access ID and the email address that the subsequent certificate will be sent to, then click the Process Request button.
  3. There are three (3) outcomes that may occur at this point.
    • The certificate has expired (please contact the strata manager).
    • There is a problem with the reference, document, or setup (please contact the strata manager).
    • The certificate service is correctly set up, the report is available, and request is current.

  4. On the next page, check to ensure all details are correct, scroll down the page and click Accept Charges.
  5. Complete the payment on the next screen, then click Submit.
  6. On the next screen, check the transaction details, and click Make Payment Now.
  7. Click the Return to StrataMax option. And an option to print a receipt will be visible, which will serve as a tax invoice.

  8. Click the View Receipt link to view the receipt, and also click the View Report link for a copy of the requested certificate.