Pop Up Help

Viewing Documents on the Invoice Hub and StrataMax Portal

The following provides assistance for viewing documents or invoices on the Invoice Hub or StrataMax Portal.

If your invoice/document did not open when clicking on the Adobe PDF icon on the Approval Page, there could be a number of potential problems:

Problem 1:

The browser I’m using has blocked the pop-up. This will usually be indicated by a small red X or bar at the top of the page of the browser.

Solution 1:

You can enable pop-ups for this site or across all websites in your browser by following the instructions on the following links:

Please note that we do not support other browsers for the Invoice Hub or StrataMax Portal. If you were experiencing issues using a different browser, please try again with one of the above browsers.

Problem 2:

My computer does not recognise the .PDF file when it opens or fails to open it all.

Solution 2:

We recommend that you install/reinstall the latest version of Adobe Reader by clicking this link.