Navigating the StrataMax Portal

After you have logged in to the StrataMax Portal, you will be taken to the Home screen. However if you have multiple properties linked to your StrataMax Portal Account, a list of linked properties will appear first. Click Select on the property you would like to view.

Once a property has been selected, you will see the Home screen.

This Home screen may appear differently to the screenshots in this article if your strata manager has customised their StrataMax Portal.

Current Property (1)
This will display the property you are currently viewing, if you have multiple properties on the same StrataMax Portal Account, the Change button will be available. Click Change to select another property on this account.

Account Settings (2)
The account settings allows you to manage your StrataMax Portal Account, such as changing your profile, password or email address, or to add, share or remove properties from your account. You can also log out from here.

Navigation Tabs (3)
These are the tabs available that will take you to the different areas of the StrataMax Portal. 

The Home Tab

The Home tab will have shortcuts to other areas of the StrataMax Portal, which can also be accessed using the navigation tabs.

Reports & Documents will take you to the Reports & Documents tab which will display reports and documents that your strata manager has made available for you. The type of reports and documents displayed is dependent on each individual strata management company. StrataMax has no control over what documents are made available to owners or committee members.

Payments will take you to the Payments tab which will allow you to make a credit card payment.

Share Property will take you to My Properties where you can select a property to share with another person. Sharing a property will allow the other user to access reports and document, and have access to VoteMax for electronic voting. They will need to have a StrataMax Portal Account, or create an account. If they do not have an account, an email will be sent to them with instructions on how to create an account.

Passwords will take you to Change Password where you can change your password for this StrataMax Portal Account. 

My Info Tab

This tab will have your details that are currently recorded in the strata roll. It also has the contact details for your strata manager.

My Details

When accessing the My Info / My Details you are able to update roll information and delivery preferences for your individual details recorded on the strata roll. The 'Number of Owners' listed under Property Details reflects how many contact cards are recorded for a lot. A contact card may include multiple people or alternatively Managers can choose to split a contact card into multiple.

When logged into your StrataMax Portal User Account, from My Info / My Details the following is able to be completed;

  • Review current details for a property.
  • Change or add Home, Business, Mobile and Fax numbers.
  • Change or add email addresses.
  • Change owner contact delivery preferences.
  • Set whether Notice address or  Levy only notice address is different to the Residential address.
  • Set whether Committee and Meeting Notices should be sent (currently QLD only).
  • Add a second submission even if pending submissions have not yet been approved.

  1. Log into your StrataMax Portal User Account. 
  2. Select My Info / My Details and click VIEW/CHANGE DETAILS.
  3. Make changes to your details as required;
    • Multiple Email Addresses can be recorded if required using the + Add email address button. 
    • Additional phone numbers of the same and different Types can be recorded if required using the + Add phone Number button.
    • Delivery preferences for Levy Notices and Correspondence may be set for additional contacts recorded on the strata roll, such as Real Estate Agents or Nominees. Use the drop down selector and adjust for the Contact.
  4. Save changes. The Change Details page will show if there are other lots / properties affected by the change.

If an additional contact is recorded on the strata roll, such as a Real Estate Agent, Tenant or Nominee this information may be displayed for you to adjust the delivery preference. 

If you have completed a change of details, this will show as Pending Approval. You can submit more than one and they will be listed for your Manager to review.

Note: Updates to your information submitted on the StrataMax Portal does not update the strata roll automatically. Your strata manager will need to review and accept the changes submitted. If your details have not been updated after a week, we recommend that you contact your strata manager directly.

My Strata Manager

This displays the information for your manager. The heading will change depending on your region and may display Owners Corporation Manager, OA Manager,  Body Corporate Manager, or Community Manager.

Payments Tab

The Payments tab allows levy payments to be made using a Visa or Mastercard. A service fee may be calculated and will form part of the payment total. You can also obtain forms to setup, amend or cancel a StrataPay direct debit.

Make a Payment

  1. Check the levy periods to be paid, check or uncheck the periods as required.
  2. Select the payment method, either Visa or Mastercard.
  3. Click Calculate Total.
  4. Check the payment amount, then click Continue Payment.
  5. Confirm the payment amount and click Pay Now.
  6. Enter your credit card number, then click Next.
  7. Follow the prompts to complete the payment

Direct Debits

With StrataPay’s online direct debit, you can easily setup an automatic payment for your levy balance to come directly from your bank account or credit card. Alternatively, you can set a scheduled fixed amount to be drawn at a time and frequency that suits you. You will need your StrataPay reference number to access the online form, most commonly found on the deposit slip of the levy notice as seen here:

Reports & Documents

Owners and committee members may have access to reports pertaining to your property. The types of reports and documents available will be solely dependent on your strata manager and what they make available.

Committee Reports

Committee members may have access to additional reports and documents that can only be viewed by committee members. This will automatically be granted if the email address of your StrataMax Portal Account matches the email address recorded in the strata committee records. 

If you do not have committee access and the message to request appears when you log in, go to our Managing your StrataMax Portal Account article to Request Committee Access.

Note: Committee access can only be granted to one StrataMax Portal Account for a lot. Once committee access has been requested no additional StrataMax Portal Accounts will be prompted to request access.

Help Tab

The Help tab will take you to the StrataMax Portal Help knowledge base where you can find information on the StrataMax Portal, the Invoice Hub and VoteMax.

Contact Us Tab

The Contact Us tab has contact information for your strata manager. You can make various enquiries using the tabs available.