Updated Articles

  1. Invoice Hub Approver Instructions

    The Invoice Hub is not available by default and extra charges for this service may apply. Please contact your strata manager for more information. The Invoice Hub facilitates the process of providing committee members with the ability to approve ...
  2. Creating a StrataMax Portal Account

    How to create a StrataMax Portal Account
  3. Certificates & Disclosure Statements

    This article covers how to request Certificate or Disclosure Statements  through the StrataMax Portal. This service is only available if a certificate has already been issued to you by the strata manager. How it Works After the i...
  4. Casting Votes

    If you're casting your votes for the first time, then this article is for you! It covers how to cast votes on the various types of motions, as well as how to change votes.
  5. Sharing a Property

    Properties can be shared with another StrataMax Portal Account and they can access information in relation to the shared property. If a committee member shares their property with another StrataMax Portal Account, only information pertaining to that...
  6. Forgot Password?

    This article explains the process to reset your StrataMax Portal account password. Return to the StrataMax Portal home page: https://www.stratamax.com.au/Portal/login.aspx   Enter your email address into the Email field. Click the Forg...
  7. VoteMax Introduction and Basics

    In this article you can learn about the the fundamentals of VoteMax; What it is, how you access it, and what information can you expect to see within a meeting or ballot.
  8. Adding Additional Properties

    If you have multiple properties with strata managers that use StrataMax, you can have a single account to access all your properties. When creating a StrataMax Portal Account, all lots that have the same email address that is used to create your Str...
  9. What is a StrataMax ID and Password?

    What is a StrataMax ID? A StrataMax ID is an 8 digit number that is generally provided by your strata manager in their Welcome Letter. This number plus a check digit will make up your StrataPay Reference number, which is used when paying your lev...
  10. Creating an Account

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for when creating a StrataMax Portal Account.